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It's ALL Happening!!!

What is IT? Who is IT? When is IT?

IT being the "Thing, Person, Place or Time". Know that IT is all truly happening right now with our Building With the Phillips brands.

Here is the Latest from Phill's Home Construction...

. New Home Construction Projects being announced soon in both Pinellas

and Citrus counties.

.New Corporate Location coming June 1st 2021

.Phill's Home Construction is wrapping up another amazing 2 Story Home addition in Downtown Saint Petersburg.

.Wrapping up another total condo renovation in Dunedin, FL

.1 Bathroom Remodel and 2 Kitchen renovations under way.

Don't worry, Phill is never too busy to come out and give you his expert opinion on how we can turn your home dream into a reality.

Here is the Latest from Photo Announce It!

.Lot's of Grad photo sessions completed and announcements delivered.

.It's Family Photo Session time of year- travel has finally begin again in our post covid experience and we have lot's of families entrusting Photo Announce It! to capture their most precious moments.

.Wedding are making a come back, congrats to all our couples who are tying the knot this month :)

Here is the Latest from Deanna Your Realtor

.Deanna has dropped a new video on YOUTUBE with some awesome Tips on Buying and Selling Homes in Fl.

.We are currently assisting several home buyers with securing financing to make their new home purchase.

.We have partnered with 4 lenders to help our clients make their new home purchase.

.NEW CONSTRUCTION is where it is at ;) and she has partnered with some pretty traffic home builders in Tampa Bay.

.Gianna is graduating from Middle School and has be accepted in 1 of the Nation's most prestigious Center for the Arts High Schools here in FL. We are so proud of her, yay "G".

.Marlon and Deanna are celebrating 17 years of marriage "Marriage Goals"...

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